The aquarium develops AR application experience,and WIMI creates a sense of immersion in new applications of AR holographic technology


Hong Kong, March 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nowadays, the application of AR technology has already involved tourism, education, commerce, construction, industry, and other fields. Recently, an aquarium has used AR technology to bring visitors an unprecedented experience.

For Xpark, which officially opened this year, it took three years to complete the construction of Taiwan’s first Japanese aquarium. In addition to the large water tank,which isnearly 3-story high and is a must-see, the Magellanic Penguin and the King Penguin in the museum are among the star animals. This time, the Xpark plans a series of new activities with penguins as the theme. Whether it is a new penguin meal or a hidden version of the penguin AR experience, visitors will be attracted by the charm of penguins again.

Previously, Tokyo Sunshine Aquarium in Japan also launched a penguin AR experience. Because the location of the aquarium is far from the subway, and the interference of many billboards on the street, makes tourists often get lost. Currently, the little penguins are on the stage, tourists can just follow them.

This creative technology is a collaboration between HAKUHODO Tokyo and Junaio app, an augmented reality technology expert. This creative technology first uses “motion capture technology” to collect the real walking posture of the little penguin in the aquarium, and then combines it with the AR technology of the Junaio app. After scanning the AR positioning, point the phone at the road, and the GPS little penguin will appear.

In order to allow visitors to have a more diverse aquarium experience, this time Xpark has cooperated with ROBOT to develop a new AR event. As long as you download the App through your mobile phone and scan the hidden symbols in the museum, you can enjoy the theme AR animation, which tellsthe story of finding partners with Magellanic penguins, king penguins, and beluga whales as the protagonists. Besides, it also allows visitors to take photos with penguins and beluga whales. In the penguin area, a special wall is also set up to share the names and habits of the nearly 40 penguins in the museum, which enables visitors to get to know and get closer to the animals of Xpark.

For users, this is not only an interesting experience, but also deepens the impression of the aquarium and enhances the brand’s favorability.Meanwhile, Xpark also launched new penguin-shaped meals in the highly popular Penguin Café, including Penguin Coco Bag, Penguin Toast, Penguin Flying Potato, and so on. Fans who love penguins cannot miss the newly launched 7 new penguin peripheral products, such as folders, tin boxes of candies, and small kerchiefs.Besides, each new penguin product can be scanned through the mobile app to enjoy a completely different AR animation, whichis more valuable for collection and souvenirs.

Nowadays, the aquarium’s entertaining and educational features make it a popular destination for parent-child tours and surrounding tours. The application of AR, holographic projection, and other technologies has further optimized and upgraded the tourism products of theme parks, bringing interactive tourism experience to tourists. At the same time, the industry popularization and promotion of AR are also increasing the application scenarios of holographic AR technology.

As a representative of Chinese visual AI companies,WIMI Hologram Cloud is a holographic cloud comprehensive technical solution provider. Its business covers multiple links of the Hologram AR technology, including Hologram computer visual AI synthesis, Hologram visual presentation, Hologram interactive software development, Hologram AR online and offline advertising, Hologram ARSDK payment, as well as 5G Hologram communication software development.

At the same time,WIMI has established a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China.As of December 31, 2018, WIMI has a total of 4654 ready-to-use AR holographic content, which can be used in WIMI Hologram’s holographic AR products and solutions, covering a wide range, including animals, cartoon characters, vehicles, and food.

Among them, 2961 are used for educational scenes, 851 are used for tourism, 739 are used for art and entertainment, and 103 are used for popular science. In addition, WIMI’s content library is enriched with copyrighted content licensed from third parties. Furthermore, WIMI works with various content owners, including brand owners, film producers, and talent agencies, to transform high-quality IP into AR.

WIMI Hologram Cloud can create ultra-high simulation effects under holographic AI technology. More and more consumers are beginning to experience the technological experience brought by holographic AI. WIMI Hologram Cloudcan create a dreamlike naked eye 3D stereo effect, whether it is the starry sky, the galaxy, the vast sea, or the fairy tale castle. If in that environment, the immersive effect will be very strong.

3D holography can present a sense of sight like watching a blockbuster movie in a theater under the combined effect of the huge screen visual display, sound, and lighting, which is very shocking. The effect of holographic AI display achieves a high simulation experience. The sense of fantasy of multiple stagesand AI interactive experience are stronger, which brings more immersion to multimedia technology. At the same time, with the continuous launch of new application scenarios, WIMI will usher in a broader market

Currently, holographic projection materials are constantly enriched and updated. Transform traditional application scenarios into virtual worlds, making everything impossible possible. With the continuous development of holographic technology, it is believed that future applications will become more extensive and more perfect, and we will truly enter the holographic era.

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